[Barrelfish-users] Error while booting Barrelfish: can't find boot dir

Achermann Reto reto.achermann at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Jan 24 09:08:12 CET 2019

Dear Mohan,

The problem seems to be a mismatch between the menu.lst and the Barrelfish version you are running.

Assuming you are on the current release (otherwise consider updating)

You will need to add:

modulenounzip /eclipseclp_ramfs.cpio.gz nospawn

To your menu.lst, which contains the required eclipse files.
Please refer to:

-- Reto

Reto Achermann
PhD Student, Systems Group, ETH Zurich

On 2019-01-24 03:58:33+01:00 Barrelfish-users wrote:


I am getting an error ("Aborting: can't find boot file!") when I try to

boot Barrelfish on my baremetal server. Attached is the image with

the error.

I checked the Barrelfish mailing list for such previous errors, and found

that the path to skb_ramfs.cpio.gz was the problem. However, the path

to that file is correct in my setup.

Below is my menu.lst file:

title           Barrelfish
uuid            ab18dcf7-049c-4005-b6b6-a8547ffda9de
kernel          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/elver

module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/cpu
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/init

module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/mem_serv
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/monitor

module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/ramfsd boot
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/skb boot
modulenounzip   /boot/barrelfish/skb_ramfs.cpio.gz nospawn
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/kaluga boot
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/acpi boot
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/spawnd boot
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/startd boot
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/routing_setup boot

module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/pci auto
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/corectrl auto
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/ahcid auto

module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/rtl8029 auto
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/e1000n auto

#other networking
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/NGD_mng auto
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/netd auto

module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/serial_pc16550d
module          /boot/barrelfish/x86_64/sbin/fish


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