[Barrelfish-users] What's the future of Barrelfish?

Timothy Roscoe troscoe at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Jul 13 09:08:12 CEST 2021

We use Barrelfish for teaching at ETH Zurich (and elsewhere), and
check in bug fixes, but the project is no longer under active
development.  We have no plans to release binaries, but the source
will remain available.

Microsoft Research has not been involved in Barrelfish for a long
time.  It was never the intention of Microsoft to use Barrelfish as a
product, and the Windows kernel group were never involved in the
development of Barrelfish.

Barrelfish has always been a research project, primarily at ETH Zurich
and initially as a collaboration with Microsoft Research.


 -- Mothy

At Mon, 12 Jul 2021 21:32:40 +0000, theUser BL <theuserbl at hotmail.com> wrote:
> What's the future of Barrelfish?
> Last commit was on March 2020. Is it still in developmenmt?
> Will be binaries (as ISO-file or pre-installed VM-Ware -, VirtualBox- and HyperV-images) be published?
> And is Microsoft still working on Barrelfish?
> Can it be possible, that in future Windows-version the closed source NT-kernel will be replaced with the Barrelfish kernel, like in the past, where the MS-DOS of Windows 9x was replaced with the NT-Kernel ?
> Greetings
> theuserbl

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