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Tue Sep 30 13:12:10 CEST 2003

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via die eq-uni-Liste kam von Liisa Husu untenstehende Information.
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Colleen Chesterman from Australian ATN-WEXDEV (Australian Technology
Network - Women's Executive Development Programme) informs that a report on
a recent Australian conference "Re-searching Research Agendas: Women,
Research and Publication in Higher Education" can be read on the ATN-WEXDEV
homepage at:


and that Dr. Louise Morley from University of London Institute of Education
gave this year the Clare Burton Memorial lectures in six Australian
universities. Her theme was Sounds, Silences and Contradictions: Gender
Equity in Commonwealth Higher Education. The full text of the lecture
will be later available on the homepage of Wexdev.

See also Colleen's report on the Genova conference on the same site

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