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Empa<http://www.empa.ch/>, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, is launching a new fellowship programme. «Empa Postdocs» is a bottom-up trans-national mobility and re-integration programme. It allows experienced researchers from all over the world to sketch out a research project and work on it in one of Empa's 29 research laboratories<http://www.empa.ch/plugin/template/empa/4/*/---/l=2>. The application has to be made together with a senior scientist at Empa, who will act as the fellow's mentor. Empa's five Research Focus Areas<http://www.empa.ch/plugin/template/empa/978/*/---/l=2> and its three sites near Zurich, in St. Gallen and in Thun offer a large degree of freedom in research topics as well as in location to the fellows. After a rigorous selection process ensuring that the best candidates are selected, Empa Postdocs fellows are offered a two-year contract at Empa. Empa Postdocs offers a highly competitive salary, and research and education cost contribution package.
The Empa Postdocs programme is co-funded by the FP7: People Marie-Curie action COFUND. The next call for applications will be issued on June 1st, 2011; the application deadline is August 31st, 2011, and the estimated starting date for the fellowships is February 15th, 2012. For more information, please visit the programme portal<http://www.empa.ch/Empapostdocs> or contact the programme management by e-mail<mailto:postdocs at empa.ch>.

Dr. Christiane Löwe
EMPAPOSTDOCS program manager

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
Überlandstrasse 129
8600 Dübendorf
Tel +41 58 765 44 99
christiane.loewe at empa.ch

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