[Oberon] Empty Bluebottle screen

Gérard Meunier gmeunier at club-internet.fr
Wed Jan 1 00:21:44 CET 2003

> > Today, I tried and installed the new Bluebottle. I get a marvellous
> > blue-magenta screen with a working mouse cursor, but no more. The screen
> is
> > completely empty. I give below my Aos.par file. Can you tell me what
> happens
> > and what I can do?
> Change Boot2 to:
> Boot2=MM.Open Menu.XML
> Then everything should be fine. (There is a different (temporary) menu in
> this release)
> --Thomas

Thanks Thomas,

It works well. But my computer seems now a little too slow (125MHz, an "old"
machine, that I dedicated to Oberon and Bluebottle).

Happy new year.


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