[Oberon] Bluebottle Dec 31 build

PhiHo Hoang phiho.hoang at rogers.com
Wed Jan 1 06:04:46 CET 2003


    I have only one  CD drive, Plextor CD burner,
    the video card is ATI 3D RAGEII+ PCI,
    a USB mouse and MS keyboard.

    This same machine could run the May release.

    For this release I tried first 3 VESA configuration
    in the AOS.PAR:




   None of them is working, the screen is black, no cursor.

    Thanks for your help.


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> >     Thanks for the latest release of Bluebottle (Dec 31 2002).
> >
> >     I burnt a bootable CD. Bluebottle booted but the screen is just
> >
> >     I recall that at the booting stage, I can drop to the console and
> >     with various booting parameters. Is the procedure documented
> ?
> You can enter the boot console if holding the "SHIFT" key down while
> (after the BIOS flashed the keyboard LEDs). (To set scroll lock is another
> possibility).
> If have a running NO or Bluebottle installation you can copy the "Init="
> string etc. settings from there.
> If not modified in the boot console, this CD assumes a working VESA 2.0
> 1024x768x16bit mode.
> More info can be found
> http://bluebottle.ethz.ch/faq.html
> question 7
> --Thomas
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