[Oberon] Bluebottle installation

Gérard Meunier gmeunier at club-internet.fr
Wed Jan 1 15:33:50 CET 2003

> > t last I installed Bluebottle on my main 600MHz PC, and, now it's
> > even if it is rather slow.
> Only the 1:1 case is optimzed. The zoomed drawing still has huge potential
> ;-)

Yes, I was playing with the interface today, and, even if it is slow, it's
very pleasant.
By the way, I wrote a little text in the editor. I saved it, but couldn't
open it in Oberon later. Tricks? The editor saw it, but not Oberon.

> > I got an error when I tried to mount other volumes:
> >
> >     OFSTools incompatible with AosFS/Enumerator
> >
> > I suppose there are some modules that are to be recompiled.
> That's strange. All the files on the CD image have been compiled
> just before the image was created. Have you installed it on top of an
> existing installation ? (Errors during the installation ?)

Yes, it was an update. I noticed nothing during installation, but I paid no
much attention. I'll try again. If some thing must be erased before, which
files do you suggest?

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