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Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de
Wed Jan 1 23:16:03 CET 2003

Hi Peter,
first I will admit that PPPMain.InstPPP is sort of a hack. I did put a lot of the original stuff
I got just in comments to keep it at hand if perhaps needed it in the future.

"Peter Easthope" <peter_easthope at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca> wrote:
> Folk,
> Here are a few questions.
> PPPMain.InstPPP does 
> Texts.OpenScanner(S, Oberon.Par.text, Oberon.Par.pos);
> reads the parameters for the command from this line
> in Oberon.Text,
> Device0 = { "PPPMain.InstPPP", "COM1 \silent"}
> and then uses InInt(i) to read an integer, 4.  There are these
> two lines of code.
> (*MRUWant*)InInt(i); INCL(wo.O, NegMRU); wo.MRU:=1500;
> IF HDLC.debug THEN Debug.String("MRUWant "); Debug
Copy/Paste problem. Doesn't make sense really :-(
You can see that I copied these lines from below.

Doesn't hurt as it is but I changed it now to:
	(*MRUWant*) INCL(wo.O, NegMRU); wo.MRU:=1500;
	IF HDLC.debug THEN Debug.String("MRUWant "); Debug.Int(wo.MRU, 5) END;
So it's less confusing. 

> Hopefully a nice new update of PPP.Tool can appear.
I'm thinking of where to put it. Because I don't think it's necessary at the moment to send
an update to ETH just for documentation.

> es> Another point is that I would like to collect information 
> on problems with PPP on Oberon somewhere. I don't have 
> the urge to take every article concerning PPP from
> the mailing list and put it somewhere else. 
> A by-product of the study of PPP is a collection of 
> troubleshooting tips, notes, suggestions and small 
> modifications to the PPP*.Mods.  Edgar has first 
> refusal on this material and my ego imagines some
> of it included in a future release.
No problem with that. You can send me your stuff and I can put it on my site as a
version under development before sending it to ETH eventually.

Cheers, Edgar

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