[Oberon] PPP

Peter Easthope peter_easthope at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca
Fri Jan 3 02:05:44 CET 2003


Edgar Schwarz wrote:
es> Doesn't hurt as it is but I changed it now to:

Thanks.  These refinements really do help to make the 
source more readable.

es> I'm thinking of where to put it. Because I don't think 
it's necessary at the moment to send an update to ETH 
just for documentation.

"Contributions" area at the ETH or your own server?

es> ... send me your stuff and I can put it on my site 
as a version under development before sending it to 
ETH eventually.

Right oh.  Notes on troubleshooting the physical 
layer and a few other details are in progress.
Also, I want to have a try at English translations 
for the source comments currently in German.  
Give me a few more days.

Chris Glur wrote:
cg> Thanks for pioneering this. 

Welcome.  Time is available and the problem won't solve

cg> It would be interesting/valuable to see a few steps 
of explanation eg:
    automaton1, automaton2, corresponding trace/log;
with reference to the appropiate RFC(s).

Will do what I can.

cg> *  I've got a problem with PPP.Tool:
  it breaks the (apparently unwritten) rule that *.Tool is a list of
  mnemonics with minimum explanitory text.


cg>    (I think also  that *.Tool should be specified as viewable under the
    'minimum' system: via Edit.Open and with UserTrack char width
    as per minimum/default - VGA, I guess).


cg> Its not clear what the useful text of presently named PPP.Tool should
be called; perhaps PPP.Text ?

Seems right.

cg> ... assumption that char "@" (and perhaps other chars) are not part
of the ISP login 2 parameters: userID and Userpassword strings;

Comments relevant to this are in the notes going to Edgar.
Seems that ultimately we need a generalization/extension
of the SetUser syntax condoned and incorporated by the ETH.

FWIIW, LCP and PAP now appear to negotiate OK and I am 
working on the IPCP negotiation.

Regards,             Peter E.

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