[Oberon] AosCD.ISO.zip blank screen Aha!

Paul Reed paulreed at paddedcell.com
Mon Jan 6 18:38:44 CET 2003

OK, I now understand what's going on - I put a spare
drive onto the secondary IDE bus and the Aos CD
boots fine.

With only the CD-ROM drive on the secondary bus, the
IDE driver fails to reset (see previous trace, 
compared with working trace below) and IDE3 is not 
recognized.  Any chance of fixing this?

Note that exactly the same problem happens with
Native - I hadn't tried mounting the CD before,
but it only works if a hard drive is added to
the bus.  Presumably the same driver?

Also, the old drive is recognized twice (it IS
old, and I checked the jumpers are set correctly).
Is this also something which could be fixed?

See why Wirth built his own hardware?  :)

Aos 03.01.2003
IDE0..1: 14 000001F0 000003F6 reset ok
IDE2..3: 15 00000170 00000376 reset ok   <--- that's better!
IDE3: no reset
IDE0: 520MB, 1057*16*63, ST3660A
IDE1: 520MB, 1057*16*63, ST3660A
IDE2: 38931MB, 16383*16*63, (79098*16*63), LBA, SAMSUNG SV4084H, ver
IDE3: packet cd-rom device, removable, IDE-CD ReWritable-2x2x6
IDE0..1: Bus-master enabled
IDE2..3: Bus-master enabled
SCSI - 1.0 / prk
AosAdaptec7 - 0.41 / prk
AosDiskFS: Index not found on RAM0
AosDiskFS: Scanning RAM0... marking     0 files
AosDiskFS: 31992K of 32000K available on RAM0
AosDiskVolumes: IDE0ATA: early  D0 50
 invalid partition
AosDiskVolumes: IDE1ATA: Status ctrl=000001F0 drv=1 hd=15 sec=0 cyl=0
err=04 st0
 error 2817
AosDiskVolumes: IDE2ATA: early  D0 50
 invalid partition
AosDiskVolumes: IDE3#0
{P0 AosDisplayLinear: GlobalSetCacheProperties = 2304}
UsbUhci: Initialised USB UHCI controller at base 0D400H, Irq: 9
Default font installedManager.New finished
Disp.format =     2
{P0 Bottom up...

And so on.

Paul Reed

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