[Oberon] SMTP Receiver (RFC 821) (Bluebottle 2002.5.22)

mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us
Tue Jan 21 00:28:23 CET 2003

I have placed the file

This is a quick implementation of the receive only function of RFC 821.  
It gives a trivial implementation of

The resulting files are named according to a pattern, such as
and are located on the "current directory."

These files are the message and the envelope, respectively.  The formats are
approximately the same as that used by the EMWAC SMTP programs.

I started the effort on the project with a new review of the RFCs at 15:30 CST yesterday,
so I am pleased and suprised to have an intial code this soon.  Take that as a warning.
This is the practice draft where you learn the documentation and strange items in the
library, and variances from the RFCs, then discard it.  It is limited and not robust.

This program works as I desire when I type raw SMTP in a telnet session.  It has also
received email sent from Eudora to the school's Sendmail server, thence to my machine.
On one occasion it seemed very slow, and I thought there may be some handshake and 
timeout issues.  Another time it delivered 5 messages too fast for me to notice on 
the Netwatch window.  As time permits, I will also send mail from the EMWAC service
running under NT and see if those two programs interoperate.

Feel free to send email to it at sci1355d1-am.mrs.umn.edu.  However, anything you 
send may be lost, ignored, or disclosed worldwide.  It may only be operational on an
infrequent and irregular basis.

Please feel encouraged to comment on any aspect of the code or project.

Aubrey McIntosh <mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us>
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of Minnesota, Morris
600 E. 4th St.
Morris, MN 56267-2134

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