[Oberon] Some questions about BB evolution.

Yuri M. Skripkah yurix at i.com.ua
Mon Jan 27 13:21:48 CET 2003

Hello, Patrik.

You wrote 25 Jan 2003 y., 0:10:47:
PR> our limited manpower to start forking the code in an Oberon an a Bluebottle
PR> version: currently most of the Oberon code is reused without change on
PR> Bluebottle.
I mean indefinite future, sure. My question is only about: Do You
think, that multitasking will be useful in Oberon System on BB? And
ability to export gadgets, for example, for all BB applications will
be useful too?
Or You think, ObSys3 must be developing environment with present behavior,
and not need extend it more?
PR> Anyway, I think that Bluebottle is idea where the hardware is limited, thus
PR> in embedded systems or where the cost factor is important (more hardware,
PR> more cost).
As I wrote, now limit is windows manager and display driver. WM is
slow for poor CPU, and a lot of cheap old videocards work in 640x480x4
ant 720x400 (text 80x25) and proprietary modes. It ignore linear
buffer and VESA. Of course, it might work without video output at all.
(as net server, for example
PR>  The education segment, with its often limited budget is
PR> definitively a target for Bluebottle (here Linux is a direct concurrent).
So Linux is more conventional, has drivers for very poor hardware, and
cyrillic, it win in education in my country. I don't know anybody near, who trying
study programming with BB, like me.

Best regards,
 Yuri                          mailto:yurix at i.com.ua

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