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Josef Sedlacek sedlacek at
Fri Jan 31 11:03:28 CET 2003

peter_easthope at wrote:

> Josef, can you cite an example or two where you
> would prefer to use Aos rather than Oberon for
> industrial control.

Hi Peter and all

Oberon was defined and implemented as a single task system. Here
multitasking is achieved using the Oberon.Loop. The single tasks are
elaborated one after other. When for example a complicated document is
opened and drawn, then all other tasks wait, especially those which
control the real plant.

Aos is a proper multitasking system where every task has control of
itself. Here it is simpler to guarantee a good behavior for time
critical tasks. However when the interrupts are switched of during GC
you cannot use it for real time control.

Both systems are able to drive any real time system and both have
advantages and disadvantages. We are using since five years NO and had
right now a celebration of 1000 units used in continuous dosing
equipments. I know, to choose a system is a religion. I personally
cannot imagine a better system as Oberon and I am whole my life surprise
why the Oberon's advantages are not visible.

Best regards

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