[Oberon] Ram & processors

Gérard Meunier gmeunier at club-internet.fr
Sun Feb 2 16:21:34 CET 2003

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From: Patrik Reali <reali at acm.org>
To: <oberon at inf.ethz.ch>
Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 11:31 PM
Subject: Re: [Oberon] Ram & processors

> Hi Gerard,
> this are the two procedures I use in the JVM to retrieve the memory size
> the free memory.
>   PROCEDURE totalMemory*(): LONGINT;
>    VAR total, low, high: LONGINT;
>    AosMemory.GetFreeK(total, low, high);
>    RETURN 1024 * total
>   END totalMemory;
>   PROCEDURE freeMemory*(): LONGINT;
>    VAR total, low, high, free, largest: LONGINT;
>    AosHeap.GetHeapInfo(total, free, largest);
>    AosMemory.GetFreeK(total, low, high);
>    RETURN free+1024*(low+high)
>   END freeMemory;
> -Patrik

Thank you Patrick,

In fact, I want to estimate which amount of memory I can allocate on the
heap without disturbing too much other applications. Which is the most
pertinent "free" value for starting calculus? The value from your FreeMemory
procedure or the value from GetHeapInfo? Is the memory in "low" and "high"
parameters allocatable? I suppose it's reserved for the stack, isn't it?



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