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Mon Feb 10 19:41:04 CET 2003

Chris & others,

cg> Yes thanks. PPP ...

Welcome.  The notes put some of my Christmas 
"break" time to good use.

cg> A problem which rarely occured in the past, now happens daily for me.
Apparently because of telco line degradation. 

Chris, could this be a problem with modem 
initialization?  Have you tested with the 
V24 panel as described in my notes?  You 
might also test with Kermit.

cg> ---- up to here is OK, then the following 2 lines do not occur:
End of script
IPCP is finally ready. Device opened.

Trials against the Vicom router in GulfNet 
ended the same way until I discovered the 
lack of DNS negotiation.  Refer to the 
notes on my Web site.  

cg> ... further dial-ups fail to dial the modem !! 
... the 'system' is caught in an unanticipated state.
... The modem lights react, but no dial tone is available.

So the modem is external.  That should help.

I wonder whether the modem simply fails to 
get initialized properly again?  Also, I still
don't understand very well what happens to a 
serial port in this case.  PPP.Log should help.

cg> Obviously I've tested several modems and computers and n-o versions.

Good tip.  My notes could list specific models of 
modems and init strings which have tested OK.

cg> Can someone point me to a broad overview of PPP before I analyse the
RFCs and source code ? 

Yes, the RFCs are tough going and I have yet to 
find a good overview of PPP.  The UBC Bookstore did 
not have the O'Reilly book on TCP/IP (ISBN 0-596-00297-1) 
when I checked.  Someone please let us know what 
it has about PPP.  

Regards,   Peter E.

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