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John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 17 19:16:54 CET 2003

Hello Felix,

As you may be aware there are two version control
programs written for Oberon System 3, VCS and DAV.  
Both were written by Edgar Schwarz.  VCS works
nicely, but it's single user.  I believe DAV
is still under development.  Last I heard the
"versioning" part was not complete because the
WebDAV protocol itself has not finalized this
part.  But I recall that someone was using DAV
in it's present state.

Also I noticed that there is now a module
CvsClient.Mod in the latest Native Oberon
distribution.  See:


However when I downloaded it I found that all
this does in it's current state is convert
a System 3 Text file to an ASCII file and
vice versa.  I'm not sure what's involved
with creating a full CVS client, though this
would be nice for using Oberon with

--- Felix Friedrich <friedrich at gsf.de> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I have a problem that probably most of you would
> consider as "standard" 
> but, still, I have no solution. I have been an
> Oberon programmer since some 
> years now and have been working in cooperation with
> other people, we have 
> written some packages together and up to now did the
> version control by 
> hand, i.e. mainly by oral agreements. Now I am
> confronted with the 
> situation that more and more people are working with
> some of the modules 
> and sometimes extend them or correct errors or
> simply add new capabilities 
> to them. More or less regularly I have to
> synchronize the versions which 
> will become a problem soon since even more of us are
> becoming Oberon users.
> Does anyone of you have an automatic version control
> for Oberon (with 
> logging in / out etc.)? Or maybe some of you can
> write some practical 
> experience with Oberon-Version control?
> We are working with the PlugInOberon under Windows,
> the Linux-Version and 
> (still experimental) with Bluebottle.
> Felix

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