[Oberon] PC.Compile singularities

rotaru at centrum.cz rotaru at centrum.cz
Sat Feb 22 18:49:08 CET 2003

  Hi, this is a rather minor problem, but anyway

  a) If you use objects in texts of your programs the error 
reporting (PC.Compile) gets confunsed. The problem seems to be in 
PC.TextReader.Receive procedure in this lines.
		Texts.Read(r, ch)
	UNTIL r.eot OR ((r.lib # NIL) & (r.lib IS Fonts.Font));
  the objects are just discarded, which is fine, but the "char 
index" does not increase, so you get the errors reported before their 
actual position. I have changed those lines with
	Texts.Read (r, ch);
	IF r.eot OR ((r.lib # NIL) & (r.lib IS Fonts.Font)) THEN
		(* regular char or end of text, do nothing *)
		(* some kind of object, give the compiler a space 
instead *)
		ch := " ";
	END; (* if *)
	and it helped.
  b) While testing the previous change, I have run into this.
		a : BOOLEAN (* semicolon missing *)
		l : LONGINT;
	END ;
END See.

It compiles with PC.Compile, which is not rather problematic.

   V. Rotaru

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