[Oberon] Win32 Plugin Oberon

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Mon Feb 24 18:16:01 CET 2003

Hi everybody,

(I wrote:)
>I am currently preparing a new Plugin Version with the recent AOS 
>Compiler. I will try to get active Objects running under Windows but do 
>not yet know if I will be successfull. The recent compiler is already 
>running on my PluginOberon but there still are some service routines 
>missinng. I will try to get some overview today/ weekend and will report 
>about the status on Monday. I have also been looking at the AosIO ... XML 
>Modules and think it will be difficult to get it portably running without 
>a full support of (really) Active Objects support. (Mainly, as you have 
>written, in cause of AosFS).
>I do not have a clear overview, still some chaos in my head, so this is to 
>be considered not as an assurance but merely as vague idea. More latest on 

I did not have enough time to do the whole job during the weekend and am 
still working on a new version. The current status is: I removed the 
dependency of the Windows-Registry and unified some of the modules with the 
current Bluebottle system. Mainly about 30 Windows-specific Modules have 
been left over and will be part of the core of the new PluginOberon variant.

Are there any concerns about removing the Registry from Oberon ? (I will 
leave the possibility to read and write registry-Entries for compatibility 
with older versions but remove the taking the Registry as configuration 
source. Instead it will be exactly done like in Linux-Oberon and native 
/  Bluebottle with a file "Oberon.Text". The name "Oberon.Text" can be 
replaced by any other by a command switch).

Are there any requests for certain capabilities of  the new PluginOberon 
system ? For example: I like the Linux-TextGadgets(0) Interaction by Günter 
Feldmann with it's cute scroll bars very much.

Will be on a Workshop rest of this week and continue working on Oberon 
there but probably with no internet connection.

Still, one thing remains to be said: Emil Zeller did an extremely good job 
with the Implementation of the PlugInOberon System and I am not going to 
adorn myself with borrowed plums. I do not have in mind to exchange or 
improve the whole system but only want to harmonize it with the recent 
Bluebottle/Native/Linux Version.

Cheers, Felix.

PS: When the system runs flawlessly, I will try out the  the recent XML and 
webDAV and give you some feedback, John and Edgar.

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Felix Friedrich

Institut für Biomathematik und Biometrie
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