[Oberon] load statement in Scheme Library

peter_easthope at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca peter_easthope at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca
Wed Feb 26 20:18:48 CET 2003


In Vinci.Text under "Appendix B - Scheme library"
is "load(string)	read expressions and definitions 
from file with given name	any".

I have a Vinci script containing 
as the first line.  Interpretation of the 
script yields an error message indicating that
the functions defined in Dimension.Vinci are
not available;  I concluded that Dimension.Vinci 
failed to load properly.  If Dimension.Vinci 
is loaded by "VinciDocs.Open Dimension.Vinci"
then subsequently the functions in 
Dimension.Vinci are available to another script.

I wonder whether load needs a second argument;
ie. whether "load(string)" is correct in 
Vinci.Text.  Does anyone have enough 
understanding of Vinci and Scheme 
interpretation to help with this? (After
an hour or so studying Vinci.Mod and 
Scheme.Mod I have only very sketchy ideas.)

Thanks,  Peter E.



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