[Oberon] WebDAV.0.6.1.Zip

Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de
Thu Feb 27 23:09:58 CET 2003

just to show that WebDAV is evolving, a minor release. If you are interested have
a look at  "http://www.edgarschwarz.de/oberon/" or get it directly at 
Change Log:
- More XML responses are parsed to make them more readable.
- More server side error messages.

I will stay silent concerning PPP for the moment because I don't have much time.
But I hope to be able to provide WebDAV Versioning for PPP on a Bluebottle server
in some weeks. BTW, sometimes I wonder how many people on the world are using
Native PPP ? Probably it's just Chris, Peter and me :-))
The foundation would be my last release followed by Peter Easthopes improvements.
And as soon as XML for Native is working (I'm optimistic yet) a client
could also be made available for our friend Chris in South Africa :-)

Cheers, Edgar

edgar at edgarschwarz.de                  "http://www.edgarschwarz.de"
"http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/forum/oberon"    Running Active Oberon
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