[Oberon] Win32 Plugin Oberon, status report

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Wed Mar 5 18:17:35 CET 2003

Hi everybody,
I am still working at the new PluginOberon for Windows Version,  here is 
the current status:

- Full compatility with the recent Bluebottle/Native Compiler, was harder 
than expected since I needed a temporary workaround for the new interface 
of OPT when loading modules compiled with the old version.

- Removed the Windows registry dependency nearly everywhere, in particular 
the Modules belonging to the inner core (->Oberon.exe) make no use of the 
Registry any more

- Currently working on Active Objects. I have managed Active Objects to 
start and execute the {ACTIVE} body. Will now use Threads to make it 
running concurrently with other objects. Then will also try to get Lock, 
Unlock and Await running. The biggest part was to understand AosLoader and 
AosActive ... in detail but I'm looking forward to finish that part.

Let me repeat: If there are any wishes (or objections) for the (core of 
the) "new" System, please let me know.


Version: PGP 8.0 (Build 294) Beta


Felix Friedrich

Institut für Biomathematik und Biometrie
GSF - Forschungszentrum für Umwelt und Gesundheit, GmbH
Ingolstädter Landstraße 1, D-85764 Neuherberg

Tel:      ++49 89 3187 2436
email:  friedrich at gsf.de


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