Antwort: DAV porting question (was Re (2): [Oberon] PC.Compile singularities)

Edgar Schwarz Edgar.Schwarz at
Thu Mar 6 16:34:10 CET 2003

Hi John,

don't care about DAVFonts !
DAVFonts, DAVObjects and DAVTexts are just "bluebottled" versions of Native
Fonts, Objects and Texts.
On Native you should just remove the ... := DAV... in the appropriate
Import statements and be done.
You also need not care about porting the whole client.
If you managed XML, XMLScanner, XMLObjects, XMLParser (more ?) then just be
done and send it to me
because the client side already changed in the meantime.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Edgar Schwarz

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Hello Edgar,

I've been a little off focus on the DAV port,
but I'm looking at it again.  Now I've got
XML just about ported, but it's other
BlueBottle dependencies that have be held
up like DAVFonts.  Specifically DAVFonts
imports module Kernel.  Most of what Kernel
does in DAVFonts seems to be doable with
Out.String and Out.Ln, but there is a call
to Kernel.GetConfig:

  FontId := Objects.LibBlockId; NEW(theChar);
  Kernel.GetConfig("FontConv", s);
  conv := s[0] # "0";
  Objects.Register("Fnt", New)
END Init;

What's the purpose of this code, and is it
needed on non-BlueBottle systems?


John M. Drake

--- Edgar at wrote:
> I guess I had a similar problem with my version
> control stuff. In VCSBase
> and DAVDeltavBase I'm using Oberon Texts which
> aren't available on Bluebottle.
> So I sort of "bluebottled" them. On
> ketchup:FAT:/es/httproot/dav you can find
> es.DAVObjects.Mod, es.DAVFonts.Mod and
> es.DAVTexts.Mod which especially don't
> depend on Native Files any more.
> I'm not sure but perhaps this could be useful to
> you.
> Cheers, Edgar
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