[Oberon] Win32 Plugin Oberon, status report

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Wed Mar 12 15:45:20 CET 2003

>It would be nice if the same file system framework was used.  I'd like to 
>work with Native Oberon, Bluebottle, Linux and Windows on the same 
>machine, and it would be nice to be able to mount a Native partition from 
>Windows Oberon.  A first step in this direction is to have the mountable 
>file system framework.  It should not be too much work to get this going.
>-- Pieter

Hi Pieter,

I will try to get the mentioned running.

While implementing the active object part I had a problem with the GC of 
Oberon and have now found the responsible part. (I have debugged for days 
to find it ...) In AosHeap.Mark there are two places with the following 

ELSE    (* protected object *)
         ASSERT(arrayBit = {});  (* protected object can not be array 
element *)
         SYSTEM.PUT(block-4, tag)

As far as I understand, the SYSTEM.PUT.. statement discards the (previously 
pointing to tDesc) tag pointer of the protected object which results in an 
access violation in the windows-Plugin version.
What is the SYSTEM.PUT... for ?
When I remove it, there seems to be no problem.  Most of Win32.Kernel.Mod I 
have replayced by parts of AosHeap. (Differences result in a slightly 
different Heap-Block management in the windows version).

Lock/Unlock is working,
will now finish the "await" part and then work on the System parts.


Version: PGP 8.0 (Build 294) Beta


Felix Friedrich

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