Re (4): [Oberon] Win32 Plugin Oberon, status report II

John Drake jmdrake_98 at
Thu Mar 20 16:16:00 CET 2003

--- Edgar at wrote:
> I'm not sure whether I would say it like that.
> Talking about having a different type hierachy I
> probably would reserve for
> Interfaces (See Bluebottle Paco = PC.Compile)
> BTW, I just learned from Patrik that already NO
> November 2001 knows about delegates.
> So AosIO.Mod also for Native can simply use this
> feature and the problem is gone.
>   Sender* = PROCEDURE {DELEGATE} (...
>   Receiver* = PROCEDURE {DELEGATE} (...

Then the Plugin Oberon compiler and the Native
Oberon compiler are out of sync (* sigh *).
Since both of these compilers basically have
the same job (compiling N.O. code on an
Intel platform) I wonder if fixing this is
as simple as copying the compiler from N.O.
into P.O.?  Of course when the Active/Plugin
Oberon port gets finished this will be a
moot point.

> Hey, why didn't I just come up with this idea myself
> and try it without
> bothering you :-(

No bother at all!  I'm learning more about the
various Oberon compilers and that's good.  
> Cheers, Edgar


John M. Drake

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