[Oberon] Robot code problem

Fernando Passold fpassold at das.ufsc.br
Thu Mar 27 21:44:17 CET 2003


    I again...

    I think that my problem is related to the fact that the computation
resources to execute quite 20 tasks have exhausted and the
XO/2 System is not prepared to degrade in an elegantly way.
And is not designed to be a critical real-time system because
it halted a real-time task that have exceeded its deadline
time - in my case, this lets the robo still in movement until it
reaches a end-switch. Dangerous if it was developing higher
velocities or could be worst in a case of force controll (contact with
an object) - just some algorithms I am studying.

    Monitoring the maximum processing time of some tasks I
discover that the controll over operational
space demands more computations and requires 0.216 [ms]
running at periods of 1.0 [ms] and the XO/2 system can not
deal with another task (even running at period of 5.0 [ms])
wich demans 1.162 [ms] of max. processing time (data
dumping into the RAM file system). It's another fact that
I have observed.... Solutions? Increase the sampling time
(period) used by my main controll task!? And I do not
"dry" the Robot.Mod code until now. Only try to make
adjust at time parameters of the the controll task as:

robot.controlFBTask := Tasks.NewPeriodic(robot.controlFBHdl, 500, 750,

Any suggestions?

ps.: I allready have tryed to make contact with the persons
of the thecnical staff of XO/2.

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