[Oberon] Oberon and Robots and Programming

Patrick, Dr. med. Hunziker PHunziker at uhbs.ch
Fri Mar 28 17:32:46 CET 2003

As to Oberon System 3 as real-time OS:
there is (was ?) the project XO/2 at ETH Zurich  ( http://www.xo2.org/
) which built a realtime Oberon OS for PowerPC based on System3 (with
minor deviations) but allows code writing/compiling on a PC with
crosscompilation. It was meant as an OS for mechatronics /robots and
found a number of applications in the community, even in industry. I
suppose Fernando Passold is referring to this.
Strangely, this project did never make any waves (?) in the oberon
newsgroups or mailing lists, although I suspect that a number of
interesting points could arise from more insight into the project for
the general "oberoner".
However, apart from looking at some code, I never used it myself in
real applications.
Maybe Robert Brega at ETHZ or
the people of the robotics group at lausanne technical university EPFL
http://asl.epfl.ch/ who seem to use it too can help on implementation
details or problems.
some docu: http://xo2.org/Docs/aim01gc.pdf 

Patrick Hunziker
Physics in Medicine Research Group
University Hospital Basel

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