[Oberon] Controlling Aos with VNC: a small report > timing

Patrik Reali reali at acm.org
Wed Apr 30 21:15:42 CEST 2003

> > According to two local gurus, my laptop is sending the requests to the
> > server too fast, same to a lesser degree for the desktop. The only
> > to this is to use a slower machine or to trottle the network:
> >From a hardware viewpoint, when interfacing devices/automaton,
> satisfying their timing requirememts must be a top consideration.
> Once you go out of your box, you have to face these unpleasant realities.
> eg. CPU > ser-port > modem > telco-line > ISP > ...
> To talk of 'throttling back until it flies'; instead of making the timing
> specs comply, sounds bad ?

Sorry, I didn't make this point clear enough. Obviously, a solution
compliant to the timing specs would be the best solution. My problem is,
that the machine could be accessed only using VNC; thus, to be able to
address the problem at all, I first need a workaround to be able to work at


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