[Oberon] Oberon Evening 2003 (OE03)

Philipp.Heuberger at bluewin.ch Philipp.Heuberger at bluewin.ch
Fri May 2 10:59:06 CEST 2003

-- (preliminary announcement) --

Hi Oberonfreaks and others,

since the 2nd Oberon Evening at JLMC2000 a
considerable amount of time has passed and I want
to propose a third meeting OE03. There has been
continuous progres of the Oberon software during the last
two years and I expect strong demand for applications
running on a comprehensive software system as the ones
that have their origin in the Oberon community.

In order to get a reasonable planning, I would like you to
look at the following questions and to give me a response.

1. Topics of interest
What would you like to know about the current state of the systems?
If you have own contributions, please send me a proposal.

2. Date
My proposals are
	Friday the 13th of June 2003
	Monday the 16th of June 2003 or
	Tuesday the 17th of June 2003.
Please indicate, which dates are fine with you.

3. Place outside of Zurich
This time, I have in mind a meeting place in Winterthur that
is well reachable by public transport. Any other proposal?

4. entrance fee
To cover organisational expenses including an apéro, I will be asking
for an entrance fee of Fr. 20.- payable in advance. Any comments?

5. The door will open at 18 p.m. and the event will start at 19 p.m..
Is the time fine with you?

Please send your answers to philipp.heuberger at bluewin.ch and add
comments and ideas as you like. My plan is to send out the final
announcement one week from now. Thank you very much for your
attention and possibly in advance for your response.

I wish you a good week,

Philipp Heuberger

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