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Sat May 3 02:25:13 CEST 2003

Chris & others,

cg> Did you miss my discussion about not using "@" as a parsing token
by assuming that it won't be included in the <Password>
or <ServiceName> strings. 

No.  In fact I refer to this issue briefly 
in the "Notes on Oberon PPP" cited in 

James Carlson> RFCs 1334 (for PAP) and 1994 (for CHAP)
describe the peer name field as just a sequence of octets ...

Accepted.  If you have worked out an improved 
means of handling the parameters please publish
it here or at least forward it to someone 
affiliated with the ETH so that it might
be incorporated in the next release.

If only a few more of us could volunteer as 
much time for Oberon/AOS as does André Fischer.

contains the headings "Latest PC Native Release 
(2.3.6) [next release early 2003]" and "Latest 
PC Native Beta Release (08.12.00) [next beta 
early 2003]".  Does this mean that a beta 
release and a full release are still pending?

Best Regards,    Peter E.

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