[Oberon] PPP and overall Oberon coordination

Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de
Tue May 6 21:42:38 CEST 2003

Chris Glur wrote:
> cg> Did you miss my discussion about not using "@" as a parsing token
> by assuming that it won't be included in the <Password>
> or <ServiceName> strings.
> Peter E.  wrote:
> > No.  In fact I refer to this issue briefly 
> > in the "Notes on Oberon PPP" cited in  
> > http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/. 
> > James Carlson> RFCs 1334 (for PAP) and 1994 (for CHAP)
> > describe the peer name field as just a sequence of octets ...
I guess Chris, Peter and me are the only people in the whole world using
Oberon PPP so I think we can decide what to do :-)
NetSystem.SetUser for me just was a convenient way to maintain users and
passwords for PPP also. As long as my user and password hasn't any special
characters (Even if PAP allows them) this is fine with me.
Now Chris has a problem with '@'.
So there are two ways to go:
1. Somebody who feels responsible for NetSystem.SetUser implements or allows
   to extend it e.g. by using an escape syntax (%, \, 0x, ... whatever you like).
2. I (or a collaborator) adds a PPPMain.SetUser with an escape feature.
   I still think the syntax with ':' and '@' isn't bad.
So speak up.

> I'm again harping on the same complaint: that ETH-oberon
> is not centrally coordinated enough to allow effective outside
> contribution. 
I still hope that WebDAV can help here. I just uploaded WebDAV.0.11.Zip to
my homepage. BTW it's also mentioned on the projects page of www.webdav.org now.
An upgrade on my test server on ETH will probably follow tomorrow.
So you can see that I have ETH support with this.
Perhaps you wonder whether all this takes me so long. It's not so much a matter
of complexity. The main problem is that I didn't have much time for many months.
And during my easter holidays I was ill for a week :-(

Cheers, Edgar

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