Re (2): [Oberon] PPP and overall Oberon coordination

peter_easthope at peter_easthope at
Fri May 9 18:38:30 CEST 2003

Chris & Edgar,

cg> On the contrary, I think the attempt to integrate NetSystem,
Dialer and ppp makes for complexity instead of 'modularlity'.

OK.  Please describe your best plan for 
organization of authentication parameters
in Oberon.

cg> 1. there is possibly a loginID and loginPassword to the ISP 
 *before* entereing the ppp level.

In general, yes this is possible.
What is this server system you are dealing with?

cg> 2. these 2 strings can contain any character sequence;
   therefore NO character can serve as an 'escape' char - at this stage.

I do not understand whether we are discussing 
the handling of the authentication parameters in 
Oberon or the communication between the remote
peer and Oberon.  In PAP, the sender specifies the 
length of a word before sending it.  The word can 
contain any octets and escape characters are never 

cg> 3. once ppp level is entered 'escape' chars are applicable.

RFC 1334 does not mention escape characters for
transmission of the userid or password.

cg> I'm waiting for a written acceptance (or denial) that the pre-ppp
level ISP login and password can't be parsed by using ANY ascii-char
(including""") as a token delimiter.

The response to item 2 above applies here.

cg> PS. How IS the UserID and password parsed in the login dialog
with the ISP ?

For PAP this is specified in RFC 1334.

cg> Apparently by the 'line terminator' -  <CR> and/or <LF>
and perhaps a time pause ?

This is reminiscent of the proprietary system
named "First Class".  It has only one 
authentication and not PAP.  Just what system 
are you trying to access?

Regards,    P.

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