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Mon May 19 19:34:34 CEST 2003

Rob Solomon top-posted:
]Why not just install WinMe.  You have the CD, don't you?

]Why did the local microcomputer store force the upgrade?

Cos they're in business.
I think M$ gives "can't resist" conditions.
Do you know about the reported offer that Gates made to IBM
that got him in the door ?

At 12:40 PM 5/18/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>A story:
>Several months ago my main hardisk started to show signs of total failure. 
>I did a lot of CD backups and then decided to have it replaced.
>The local Microcomputer store essentially forced me to upgrade my Windows 
>ME operating system to Windows XP which I did (reluctantly).
>Now neither my Canon Multipass C5000 nor my Jaz drive work!  By 
>downloading some none Canon software I can at least print to the C5000 
>the scanner is non functional.  It turns out that Canon can not get a 
>reliable device driver working under XP.  Now note, the hardware is 
>unchanged on my fax/copier/printer the cables are the same, the CPU is the 
>same.  It is only the operating system that has changed and yet the maker 
>of the hardware who had a perfectly viable driver for Windows ME can not 
>get it to work under Windows XP!  (The Jaz issue I have not fully 
>investigated since I have a scsii to USB converter on the cable. I will 
>probably have to buy a scsii board.)
>This Microsoft dominance is another reason for sticking with the Oberon 
>language and the various Oberon operating systems.  At least one can "see" 
>what is going on internally.
>We need the Oberon alternative.  Hang in there!
>-Doug Danforth
Linux is the one that's increasingly threatening M$.
There's no 'hanging in' to be done, as if waiting for a
spectacular event to arrive.

It's just a matter of refining/cleaning:
  I'm amazed at how little n-o has been 'cleaned' since I started
   with V2.3.2: 
    still dud underline char in Oberon10.Scn.Fnt, no documentation
     for various modules ....etc.

OTOH the multi-partitions facility solved a serious limitation,
while retaining the (apparently faster) flat file system.

It took me 18 month usage to discover how to use the drop-down 
menu frame for Desktops.OpenDoc ^ in the SystemTrack, to
solve various problems.  I don't think it has been documented ?
That's why I don't intend to 'upgrade' and face another wastefull
learning curve.

re. Windows XP and latest/fastest hardware: it still seems slower
than my n-o 2001 on scrap 486 hardware for what counts for me:
inet fetching text following by save, search, cutNpaste.

re. Windows 'marketting', my ISP is becoming congested (why
don't they give engaged, instead of allowing a call charge, and
keeping you in the ppp negotiate queue - to probably time out):
and when I phone the help desk, it's always:
" no we have no problem at our side"
" what version of Windows are you using ? "
Yet with a different machine, OS, modem and telco line I still
can't connect.  But to the neighbouring town I can connect.
The next day all is working - no admission of problems, always:
" no we have no problem at our side",
" what version of Windows are you using ? "

-- Chris Glur.

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