[Oberon] garbage collector

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Tue May 20 16:36:07 CEST 2003

hurlimann wrote:
> > Whether it gives a possibility to make the garbage collector manually
> > by programm an not automatic?

Patrik wrote:
> You have two options:
> 1. disable and enable the GC by hand (this could kill the system, if you use
> a lot of memory)
> 2. allocate a memory block (with SYSTEM.NEW) and do whatever you 
> want with its contents
> You should only use untraced pointers in this block. Using normal pointers
> could (and probably will) crash the GC.

Me too !
Because of crisis management here, my work-horse is loaded down:
10 days since I rebooted, and hundreds of e-mails, News, https
have passed through (some are still 'packed' as viewers waiting
to be filed). Now sometime a mouse or key response delay of
half a second occurs.

I'm guessing that  'forced' GC is often causing the delay  ?
Is the heap off-on loaded to/from the hard drive ?

I think the RAM is only 20 Mb.
I did HyperDocs.ClearCache with no noticable improvement.
Perhaps unloading unused modules ?
Or is this done automatically ?

-- Chris Glur.

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