[Oberon] Re: Java & Oberon history?

Antony Tersol atersol at owl.csusm.edu
Mon Jun 2 18:23:15 CEST 2003

There was an article in Wired magazine a few years ago, which included 
an interview with Bill Joy, I believe, of Sun, and my recollection is 
that he mentioned Oberon as an influence.

pause while I do a quick Google on "Wired Bill Joy Oberon" which yields


'One Huge Computer
By Kevin Kelly and Spencer Reiss

The Net made it possible. Java made it doable. Jini might just make it 
happen. An on-the-fly, plug-and-work, global nervous system that 
connects his cam to her RAM to your PDA.

Also: A conversation with Sun's founding spirit Bill Joy.'

an excerpt:

'One of Joy's favorite engineering maxims - "Large successful systems 
start as small successful systems" - is another way of saying: Use what 
already works. In 1994, the Aspen skunkworks already had a workstation 
running Oberon, an ambitious attempt by Zürich-based Niklaus Wirth, the 
inventor of Pascal, to create a featherweight system written entirely in 
one simple programming language. Such knowledge-based computing erases 
the conventional distinction between the OS and applications.'

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