Re (2): [Oberon] printer daemon

Jacques Eloff eloff at
Fri Jun 13 03:33:37 CEST 2003

On Thursday 12 June 2003 10:45 pm, peter_easthope at wrote:
> Jacques,
> Thanks for the reply.
> je> Previously we were using LPD, but worth
> works fine.
> Seems a typographical error here.
> You are saying that CUPS works as well as
> LPD for printing from Oberon?
>          ... P.
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Yes. Both CUPS and LPD work. As I recall, I simply removed the
definitions from my /etc/printcap file and configured CUPS to make
use of the departmental CUPS server. However, I was using RH7.0 and
as far as I know, CUPS is not really part of the RH7.0 distribution. I simply
recompiled the CUPS sources from RH8.0 and installed the rpm.
Jacques Eloff
Department of Computer Science
University of Stellenbosch

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