[Oberon] Native: PPPMain + tasking + Ctrl/Break ?

Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de Edgar at EdgarSchwarz.de
Thu Jun 12 21:50:04 CEST 2003

Hi Chris
> when the ppp 'connection' is unsuccesfull, the next dialup attempt
> traces: --------
> Dial script startedModem off-line, device 0 closed
> Sending [ATZ]
> Waiting 10s for [OK] {
>  --- and a few seconds pause, then
10 seconds probably :-)

> }
> Dialer: Timed out
> Dialer: Script aborted
This appears to me like the modem is in a bad state and isn't reacting on
an ATZ. Perhaps because it has still some connection to the switch.
Do you try to turn off/on the modem power in this case ?

Regards Edgar

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