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Hello Thomas,

Sorry, but this syntax is far from exact. I can give many examples. I just
give one now:

If you read the syntax of OBJECT type, you see that its fields must be given
by VAR declarations, each one being followed by a semicolon, right? But omit
the last semicolon, before an END, and the compiler accepts your omission.
In fact, the right syntax would be a mix of DeclSeq and FieldList; not so
easy to write.

As long as you use only a standard compiler, no real problem. But if you
want to make your own syntactical tools, it's a little tricky.



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> > Unfortunately, I see that the grammatical structure of a mod file
> > more and more complex. The grammar of AOS, for example, has no exact
> > description yet.
> Try http://www.bluebottle.ethz.ch/languagereport/node7.html for the EBNF.
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