Re (2): [Oberon] monitoring an RS-232 interface.

peter_easthope at peter_easthope at
Tue Jun 17 22:56:04 CEST 2003

André & Chris,

af> Here is a Bluebottle module for tracing. 

Thanks André.  Now I really need to get a 
portable Pentium machine.

af> The Bluebottle machine is an observer
inserted between another machine and the device 
it is supposed to control,
for example a box recognizing AT commands.

Completely sensible idea which hadn't even 
crossed my mind.

cg> I think Peter, and definately I, want to monitor what is really
happening outside of the machine.

Chris, my understanding is that the observer
passes data through from one serial port to 
another, in both directions.  Assuming the 
monitoring software is bug free, it does 
monitor all traffic on the serial line.

cg> Where is the vital info about the cabling, which Peter raised ?

The cabling is simpler than I described.
Just one straight cable from modem to observer
and one straight cable from observer to computer.
A nice tidy arrangement, typical of Oberon/AOS.

cg> To get an idea of the speed multi-tasking capabilities you may want a
3 ser-port setup - need one for the mouse.

If the oberserver machine has two serial ports,
a PS-2 mouse might be used.

Regards,   Peter E.

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