[Oberon] Net program hangs in tiny SMTP receiver (BlueBottle)

Aubrey McIntosh mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us
Tue Jul 1 21:01:43 CEST 2003

My tiny SMTP receiver program was online for 24x7 for about 6 months, and 
received as many as 2,500 spam and legitimate messages.

Most of the time, this was running under the Stable release of May 
22.  However, I moved the relevant TCP files from the latest release to the 
stable, re-compiled them toward the end of the epoch.

Almost any time there was an incoming file of 14-20 Kb, the system would 
totally hang, except for the mouse.

In addition, there was a lot of disk activity.  I speculate that the 
software made a call for each character that I read from the net and put 
into the received email disk image.

When the received email files were small, the system would work without 
babysitting for periods up to several weeks.  The number of emails received 
since re-boot did not seem to be a problem.

I am now considering whether to pursue a project on BlueBottle, or to 
switch over to BlackBox.  I intend to build a Web Server, SMTP receiver, 
and IMAP4 suite of programs.  The Web Server part was adapted from the 
BlueBottle code in the distribution.  Although not finished, it appears to 
be stable through the point that I have tested, i.e., it stays up for 
weeks, keeps logs, serves pages, and faithfully performs the duties I have 
been smart enough to write extensions for.

I wonder if anyone had tried my tiny server on the 'not stable' releases?

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