[Oberon] copying failed

Alan Freed AlFreed at ohio.net
Tue Jul 8 20:42:38 CEST 2003

I have BlueBottle and Linux on a laptop.  Each has their own hard disk, 
which means
I sacrificed my floppy drive slot for the extra hard drive.  To be able 
to move files
between these two OS's, I created a DOS partition (type 11: Win95/Win98, 
in Linux using fdisk, and then formatted it using the command mkdosfs. 
 That worked.
I can move files to/from this partition in Linux, and in BlueBottle I 
can read files
off of this partition (after it is mounted, of course).  However, when I 
try to write
from my AOS partition into my DOS partition in BlueBottle using
   System.CopyFiles AOS:file.name => DOS:file.name ~
I get the error message:  
   AOS:file.name => DOS:file.name  copying failed

Any ideas on what is wrong?



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