[Oberon] copying failed

Alan Freed AlFreed at ohio.net
Tue Jul 8 21:31:14 CEST 2003

>>I can move files to/from this partition in Linux, and in BlueBottle I 
>>can read files
>>off of this partition (after it is mounted, of course).  However, when I 
>>try to write
>>from my AOS partition into my DOS partition in BlueBottle using
>>   System.CopyFiles AOS:file.name => DOS:file.name ~
>>I get the error message:  
>>   AOS:file.name => DOS:file.name  copying failed
>>Any ideas on what is wrong?
>Maybe the FAT32 file system has the "cleanly unmounted" flag not set. 
>This can happen if the system crashed before.  I don't know if Linux
>will set the flag, or if it just ignores it. 
>Check the kernel log for suspicious messages like "mounted read-only".
>In this case you could force Bluebottle to mount the partition as r/w,
>using ",X" at the end of the mount command. This will then ignore the
>flag. If cleanly unmounted, the flag will be restored, so the next mount 
>should work, even without the ,X .
I mount my DOS partition via the Oberon.Text

System = {
  InitCommands = {
     { OFSTools.Mount DOS FatFS IDE2#05 ~ }

The System.Log reports this event as

DOS: mounted

I changed the command to read as

     { OFSTools.Mount DOS FatFS IDE2#05 , X ~ }

The outcome is the same, and in both cases I get failed file copying from
the AOS to DOS partitions.  

I thought the file manager might have something to do with this so I 
it from my InitCommands string.  What I can say is that when I had the file
manager being installed, that when I closed Oberon and the file manager the
mouse was frozen on the BlueBottle screen - even Ctrl-Alt-Del did nothing.  
Not loading the file manager fixed this problem, so there must be a bug in
the file manager somewhere.  

While I'm on the topic of the file manager, may I suggest adding two 
to the manager.  It already has buttons for: open, delete and rename. 
 Can buttons
be added for copy and move (which are handy when you want to handle files
across partitions).

>The safe way would be to run a scavenger like scandisk. The Bb scavenger
>is work in progress, not to be expected before the 31.12.03 release ;-)
Sounds like a useful tool.


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