[Oberon] Bluebotte and DSL Problems

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Tue Jul 8 23:51:03 CEST 2003

I got DSL on last saturday. It sort of works with Bluebottle.
There are only some funny problems.
Connecting to a bluebottle.ethz.ch FTP server works fine with DSL and PPP.
Connecting to my Strato FTP account fails with DSL but works with PPP.
Sending mail to post.strato.de works with DSL and PPP.
Receiving mail from post.strato.de fails with DSL ('No new mail' even if there is)
Receiving mail from post.strato.de works with DSL and Windows/Netscape.

Any experiences or ideas ?


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