[Oberon] Re. Offer and request, 1d/2d arrays

eas-lab at absamail.co.za eas-lab at absamail.co.za
Wed Jul 23 21:36:09 CEST 2003

Felix Friedrich wrote:

> as we are just preparing generic modules for operations on one and two 
> dimensional arrays
> (of Integer,Rational,Real,Cplx variables), I would like to ask all of you 
> for comments on typically needed features for modules of that kind.
> As future versions of Oberon/Aos will probably provide the functionalities 
> that are just being collected, announcing desired features will be of use 
> for all of us.
> We are currently working on
.... snip ..

Looks nice !

Poplog (AI suitable language, free-ware with Algol-like syntax)
was talking about adding extra maths functionality.

Apparently there are 'standards' established over decades ?
I'm guessing that your question(s) has been answered for more
matured, languages.  
Oberon/Aos is part of the open-standards community and
should follow the leader(s) as appropriate.

Are there corresponding 'sets of canonical tests' ?
One hopes for a high level of confidence.

-- Chris Glur.

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