[Oberon] Reconfiguring Oberon with CD install

Patrik Reali reali at acm.org
Fri Aug 1 00:43:43 CEST 2003

Hi John,

a few workarounds are possible:

* press the left shift key while booting. this will allow you to edit the
configuration before booting oberon; change the strings as appropriate. This
is useful for testing various config values

* create a boot floppy, which will boot the CD with your own config. In the
installation tool (AosInst.Tool) you will find all commands the needed for

1. get the configuration from the CD
    Partition.GetConfig dev#part ~
    you can find out the appropriate parameter with Partitions.Show

2. modify the configuration to suit your needs (change the network config)

3. create a bootable floppy
    Partitions.UpdateBootFile Diskette0#0 AosIDE.bin ~ (or AosAda7.bin)

4. write the configuration to the floppy
    Partitions.SetConfig Diskette0#0 in front of the modified configuration

5. enjoy

* create a new boot CD with the appropriate config. Aos.Tool contains the
code to do this, look on top at the index entries, create the CD image,
write it somewhere (this may be a problem if you only have the NTFS
partition, maybe an FTP to a machine on the same subnet), and then burn it.


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> Hello all,
> Currently I use a CD installation of BlueBottle.  I
> like this because I don't have to worry about
> repartitioning anything.  Also I'm working off of an
> NTFS formatted HD.  I can save my work to a floppy.
> (I'm not doing heavy work with BlueBottle at the
> moment).  However the problem is that I can't
> reconfigure my network settings.  The way this is done
> (I think) is that you have to change the configuration
> file and reboot.  But since I'm booting from a
> CD....well you see my dilema.  Before someone goes for
> an "obvious" answer like buying a second harddrive, I
> just want to know if anyone has thought about how this
> can be done while still using a CD install?  For
> instance is it possible to reload the configuration
> file without rebooting?  Or what about a CD install
> where the "boot files" (kernel, configuration file,
> ect) are stored on floppy and the rest of the files
> are stored on CD?
> Regards,
> John M. Drake
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