[Oberon] AosTCPServices on WinAos

Felix Friedrich friedrich at gsf.de
Mon Aug 11 16:18:54 CEST 2003

Hello Dan,

>I'm new in area, and I'm discovering the wonderful world of Oberon. I like 
>it so much, that I intend to switch here all me future projects. I should 
>like to write some server code running on both Aos and WinAos. I'm trying 
>to run this on WinAos (it runs fine on Aos) but it fails on 
Cool, I like Oberon/Aos very much, too.

The network modules contained in the WinAos system are to be handled with a 
lot of care. They are coded quick and very dirty the following way:

- moved Win32.NetSystem.Mod to Win32.AosWinsock.Mod,
- new modules Win32.AosTCP.Mod, Win32.AosDNS.Mod, 
Win32.AosUDP.Mod,  Win32.AosDHCP.Mod available,
         they use the pseudo network driver module AosWinsock.
         AosWinsock needs module Oberon, this is a temporary patch to make 
AosTCP etc. running.
- Win32.NetSystem.Mod replaced by Aos.NetSystem.Mod

i.e. a lot of code from the "old" PlugIn Oberon system has been reused to 
make the basic network drivers in WinAos running. Actually, that's the 
wrong way round and a need for completely newly coded network modules in 
the WinAos system is more than obvious. But, unfortunately, I don't have 
the time (and a lack of experience regarding network stuff) to clean up the 

Nevertheless I have a patch for the reported problem.

In Module Win32.AosTCP.Mod replace the method Connection.Accept by the 
following (the first line had been misssing):

PROCEDURE Accept*( VAR client: Connection;  VAR res: LONGINT );
         IF client=NIL THEN NEW(client) END;
         AosWinsock.Accept( c, client.c, resi );
         IF resi = 0 THEN res := Ok ELSE res := unknown END;
         IF trace THEN
         AosOut.Enter;  AosOut.String( "AosTCP.Accept :" );  AosOut.String( 
"(" );  AosOut.Int( res, 1 );
         AosOut.String( ")" );  AosOut.Exit
END Accept;

With the modified method, your module compiles and runs without the TRAP. 
But I can't tell if the connections really run.

If you are deeply interested in the Aos network system, I recommend you to 
have a look at the modules AosNet, AosTCP, AosUDP and one of the network 
drivers, for example AosIntel8255x.Mod in the (native) distribution of Aos 
(see http://www.bluebottle.ethz.ch/dllatest.html) . Having understood how 
these module work you might have a second look at the construction in the 
WinAos system, where the network facilities are more or less subsumed in 
Win32.AosWinsock.Mod and only accessed via Win32.AosTCP.Mod, 
Win32.AosDNS.Mod, Win32.AosUDP.Mod etc.



Felix Friedrich

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