[Oberon] basic types where are in code?

Patrik Reali reali at acm.org
Thu Aug 14 20:01:49 CEST 2003

This depends on which compiler you use.

OP2: the type management in the front-end is done in the OPT module. This
module also implements the serialization and deserialization of the defined
types to the symbol files. The OPT types are also used in the parse tree
structure created in OPV. The transformation to the low-level intermediate
representation (LIR) is done in PCT, and there the appropriate operators are
choosen, depending on the operand's type.

Paco (PC): the front-end type management is done in the PCT module; the PCOM
plugin handles the serialization and deserialization. The parse tree (only
for expressions) defined in PCB contains references to the PCT modules.
During the conversion to the low-level intermediate representation (LIR) (in
PCB and PCC), the PCT types are converted to the back-end types (basically
into bytes, words, double-words, addresses, ...); the back-end then uses
this type system, which is defined in the PCLIR and PCOM modules. The
further conversion to real code is done done by either the PCG386 or the
PCGARM plugins.

I hope this helps....


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> Hi, Patrik.
> You wrote 14 Aug 2003 y., 17:41:27:
> PR> are handled by the compiler, which directly generates
> PR> the appropriate native code for the operations on these types.
> Yes, I read about this before, but can't find *.Mod with _this_ compiler
> code...
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