[Oberon] Oberon Database

Dan Parnete parnete at aladata.it
Thu Aug 14 22:20:23 CEST 2003

John Drake wrote:

>--- Dan Parnete <parnete at aladata.it> wrote:
>>    I have read this list archives, the
>>documentation inside the 
>>distributions, some extra found on the web and I
>>understood. Database is 
>>a Tabu word in this community, and is better to not
>>talk about. There is 
>>no trace in any distribution (excluding the
>>commercial BlackBox) and the 
>>new Bluebottle project doesn't intend to implement
>>one. Ok. It's a 
>>choice of live. But don't tell me none of you never
>>needed to put some 
>>data altogether. I can't believe nobody extended at
>>list the Library 
>>code to more flexible collections management. I saw
>>some database 
>>projects started long time ago. Where are this
>>    In other words: if I need a database, have I
>>write it myself?
>Hello Dan,
>I don't think that database is a "dirty word".  It's
>just not something that has caught the attention of
>anyone at ETH yet.  Well I take that back.  You
>mention the "Library" code.  That is, in fact, and
>"object oriented" database.  Some months ago I messed
>around with implementing a "order entry" database on
>of the library OODB.  I got some nice results, but
>also hit some snags and never quite finished it.
>I guess I should post what I have so far.
>Also Linz Oberon V4 has an optional package called
>"Oberon-D".  Originally this was simply persistence
>for Oberon.  The nice thing is that since Linz V4
>Oberon has a complete reflection package (much
>nicer than what's currently available for System 3)
>you can make any type persistent (as opposed to 
>types under the "object" hierarchy in System 3).
>But then they went on to implement a full object
>oriented database.  It's based on one of the OODB
>standards and takes full "SQL" like commands that
>are converted by Coco/R to Oberon source which
>is compiled on the fly.  (Since Oberon has always
>compiled very quickly this is not noticed at all).
>Unfortunately I noticed some bugs trying to use
>it and I don't think it is actively supported.
>Also I can't get to the Linz Oberon site today.
>I hope this is just a temporary problem.  Here
>is the link:
>  The current version of System 3 for windows
>does not include ODBC support, although it was in
>the previous version.  

>Perhaps the ODBC code from V4 can be ported, or the
>code from the earlier version of System 3 for Windows
>can be fixed.
>John M. Drake
Hi John,

In this moment I'm more interested in an internal OODB then an external 
ODBC solution. Jacques Supcik's Odeon project could be interesting, as 
Daniel noticed me. If not, I'll spend some time to write a simple one by 
myself, and I'll ask you for some support.


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