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Fri Aug 15 15:21:47 CEST 2003

> keller at creacare.com wrote:
> >There is an object oriented DB for Oberon available: Odeon by Jacques
> >Supcik.
> >
> >http://www.cs.inf.ethz.ch/group/wirth/projects/odeon/
> >
> >Ask supcik at inf.ethz.ch for the code. Since it is single threaded, it
> >must be ported to bluebottle.
> >
> Dan Parnete wrote:
> Yes, I've already read about the Odeon project, an it look very 
> interesting to me. Unfortunately Jacques's address is no more valid. I 
> grabbed the web for the Odeon code, but no results. If you find an 
> actual address of Jacques, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Dan

I too would like to look at it.

My dream is to salvage some of the labour that's gone into many of the 
n-o applications, but which are not used/usable because of minor
problems - usually documentation.

The theory (possibly wrong ?) is that when from time to time the
next user who give the application a 'work out', he can add his
refinements via something like CVS/WebDAV.  A bit like negative
entropy: insead of getting dirty by usage, it get cleaner by adding
value - successive refinement [somewhat].

Some real examples:
1. I got the mini-spreadsheet which I needed, to handle some
important work, without having to import/export to/from n-o.
I had to polish up the documentation, so that it was easier to
use the second time - after 9 months non usage.

2. I got " SmartDir.Directory " 'privately' and use it several times a
day.  I don't think it's in the suite ?

If each user has got his own private/aquired tools, imagine what
value can be added by effectively pooling them.
But his requires a (strict) protocol: like each directory of 
../contributions/.. must have a README or 'description'
and other naming conventions/rules.

-- Chris Glur.

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