[Oberon] Rembrandt > Scale :html (gif) ?

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Mon Aug 18 08:03:53 CEST 2003

Peter Easthope wrote:
> cg> * I've confirmed [in the distsnt past] that Rembrandt.Panel can scale
> 'pictures'.
> I've never learned to use Rembrandt.Panel.  Pity there 
> isn't an instruction document similar to that for Leonardo.
   is OK, but does not talk about 'shrinking *.gif'.

> cg> Q1. does this only apply to *.Pict ?
> Probably.  Can Rembrandt open any file other than Pict?
Well: System.Directory *.gif ; Desktops.OpenDoc  Techn:DataSlicr.gif
   shows me a nice diagram.

> cg> Q3. Since converting:  *.gif <--> *.Pict is possible under n-o
> PictConverters has *.gif --> *.Pict.  Where is *.Pict --> *.gif ?
> cg> Q3. Since converting:  *.gif <--> *.Pict is possible under n-o, can
> I rescale *.gif ?
> Converting to Pict seems too inefficient for Web browsing.
> How about writing fast scaling commands as part of
> the Images package?
> cg> Often the text is good but a diagram is too 'course' and overflows 
> the display.
> Web browsing capabilities in Oberon and AOS certainly 
> leave many opportunities for improvements.  

It works for me.
I don't surf: surfing is going no-where, just balancing, until you fall off.
I don't browse: browsing is for the idle rich - like window shopping.
Since most inet material today is http available, I fetch http, 99.5%
as text, often by email.  Just rarely I also want the diagrams.
I don't mind processing the graphics separately, since I intend keeping
the 'page' and spending much time analysing it.

You might process a thousand tons of dirt to reach a diamond.
I need to be able to see the diagrams on my n-o machine;
together with the accompnying text - to be able to hi-lite and
colour the text.  One can't do this with Netscape nor IE ?

-- Chris Glur.

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