[Oberon] Partitions.Show failure

Vasile Rotaru vrotaru at seznam.cz
Mon Aug 18 09:33:26 CEST 2003

eas-lab at absamail.co.za wrote:

> > > Vasile Rotaru wrote:
> > > >   I am trying to install NO on a new comp, and after mid-clicking on
> > > > Partitions.Show it barfs on me with "error 9". Any suggestions? 
> >   I have found an NO version 2.3.6 and have tried it.
> This one also fails with the hardware driver AFAIK ?
> So it looks as if the problem is with the IDE, not the software.
> Perhaps the way NO initially starts 'getting to the partition'
> is a problem that linux avoids - is more tolerant to ?
> >   I have allocated a partition, I have checked it with linux "badblocks". 
> > No bad blocks found. But Partition. Check still fails. :(
> > 
> I suppose you don't have another IDE to check ?

  Well, my old machine is lent away to a friend, but since it was working OK, I don't know whether checking the old IDE will help. But it may. Since I have the sources and an UnixOberon system working I will take the traps and have a look at them. Maybe this wil make me wiser...

> -- Chris Glur.


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